Our corporate events inspire new teams while boosting the morale of existing ones. Our team building games build management skills, develop teamwork, and teach communication while renewing company spirit and motivation.


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"I had an absolutely fabulous time. Your host were the absolute best! 

I got so many compliments about how well the night went! Mission Complete!"

Kizzie Willaims


It was a hit!! Everyone had an amazing time and it helped people who didn't know each other to connect!! Some people said the environment and energy felt so different than what they have experienced . Can't wait to do similar events in the future with

Just Play!!

Ogechi Anyatonw

I work for a very conservative investment firm in their events department. On arrival the group was not interested in participating and the host asked to cut the game short (before starting) and was not interested in the style of games provided. After relaying the message, Leia from Just Play, adjusted the games and promised to engage the crowd. THAT IS WHAT SHE DID! halfway through the games the host turns to me and gives me a thumbs up after seeing how much the group was enjoying themselves. Leia saved me an unwanted to email to my manager from their host. Leia was professional, accommodating, and entertaining. I don't get many opportunities to do these types of events but would absolutely refer and use Just Play again. 

— Tasmaii C.

The team LOVED the games and your leadership with them!

We will definitely be doing this again in the future!

— Janice Fay


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