Just Play

"It to Win it" Games

A spin off of the original TV game show “Minute To Win It” Teams will compete in fun and hilarious challenges with homemade games using everyday household items. Such as "Face the Cookie" shown in picture. Use your face muscles to move the cookie to your mouth without using your hands.

Office Feud

The most popular and highly requested! A spin-off of Family Feud using office related topics, for example: "Name something you do to pass time at work" or "Give me a  reason you might be late to work". Music and game sound effects will make you feel like you are on the actual game show. 

Workplace Jenga Confessions

‚Äč Enjoy 42 blocks of fun that towers over 3ft or higher. Each block will have a workplace scenario to discuss before re-stacking, which we can customize to fit for your needs. For example, “Has multitasking delayed you from completing a project” or “What can you do to become more effective?” Not only will your team discover each other’s differences and areas of opportunity, they will also team build while working together on which block not to pull so that the tower doesn’t fall.  The team who makes the tower fall loses.

Pop Culture Charades

‚ÄčTeams race against the clock to outguess opponents in the most pop culture, such as "drop the mic" and career lingo, such as "not safe for work"  to win.  

Charades with a twist, players are allowed to talk and use gestures. Be sure not to mention any violation words or your team lose points. Feel free to customize the lingo by using  job related phrases/jargon for added value.


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